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One day tour of waking and shopping

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Tour visit Hoa Lo prison, Hanoi Opera House, Long Bien bridge and shopping in Dong Xuan market.
Tour price :30 US$/pax.
If you would like to have a walk around odl quater centre and use a half day to shopping .This is the most suitable of  Hanoi tours for you.
Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel and joy with the group visit the first place , Hoa Lo prison. This is the prison used by French colonists in Vietnam for political prisoners.Situated in Hoa Lo street.Conditions were appalling: Food was watery soup and bread. Prisoners were variously isolated, starved, beaten, tortured for countless hours and paraded in anti-American propaganda.

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“It is easy to die but hard to live,” a prison guard told one new arrival, “and we will show you just how hard it is to live.That make Vietnamese prisoners have very hard life and difficult for them to help Socialist Republic of Vietnam.people will admire and surprising about Vietnamese strength.The second place we will visit that is Hanoi Opera house.

It was erected by the French colonial administration between 1901 and 1911.Hanoi Opera house is considered to be one of the architectural landmarks of Hanoi. After the departure of the French the opera house became the scene for several political events.It was the scene of street fighting during the fight for Hanoi.

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After that we will see Long Bien bridge.The bridge was built in 1903 by the architects of Daydé & Pillé, a French company. It was formerly named Paul Doumer by French but Long Bien Is Vietnammese name. It had 19 spans and is was the first steel bridge across Red river in Hanoi and is one of the greatest bridges at that time.With the beautiful view and fresh air atmosphere make you have fantastic trip.

hanoi toursYour Lunch at 12:30 will be organized at 3 Hang Buom street and the food is Bun Dau Mam Tom. It has, cold noodle, fry tofu,fish sause with special taste , fry pork, vegetable.

The afternoon we will continue to shopping at Dong Xuan market, the biggest hole sale market in Hahoi. There are all king of thing you need there, and the main thing will be introduce for you is Ha Dong Silk product. Vietnameses to be more beautiful of thif material .Hanoi tours

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