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A 9 day package tour to the Northeast Vietnam

Video Introduction about Vietnam


A 9 day package tour to the Northeast Vietnam is a destination most tourists who go to Vietnam do not visit. It is really a pity, because sceneries here are fabulous. In some of the places, tourism is still very scarce. These areas offer breathtaking views and interesting subcultures.The legendary lake of Ba Be surrounded by primeval forest, the scenic BanGioc Waterfall, the historical Pac Po Cave…all exposed to your sight. This trip takes you through a stunning and isolated area which has changed little over the centuries and is steeped in history.

Days 1-3 Ha Giang
Ha Gianglocated at the highest latitude in Vietnam, the politically sensitive Ha Giang (Hagiang) shares its borders with Vietnam’s arch-enemy China – here one gets the feeling of touching the sky. And the infamous Vuong Palace – a H’mong high-rank family during the French rule – with its wonderful style of architecture

Days 4-5 Ba Be lakes
The legendary lake of Ba Be is just one continuous water body although the name means three lakes?. Embarking on a boat cruise down the Nang River which is the main water source of the lake will bring a taste of the tranquil countryside and an enjoyable exploration of the Ba Be National Park.

Days 6-7 Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfalls
One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, which form a natural border between Vietnam and China. The echo of the falls can be heard kilometers away. In rainy season, the waterfall makes the scenery even more magnificent. Take a bamboo raft trip and have a chance to visit China on the other river bank.

Day 8-9 Lang Son, return to Ha Noi
Lang SonBeing the capital of this mountainous area, this border town had been all destroyed during the recent Sino – Vietnamese war, but was rebuilt to become an important trade center. Everything can be found from electronics and gadgets to textiles and house wares. Its definitely buyer be aware, as there’s lots of knock-offs of the original.


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