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Vietnam Holiday Package Tour for 6 days

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This is a package tour of discovery the remote village of Ba Be lake and Ban Gioc water fall and beach area of Ha lOng bay for 6 days. Swim under the amazing BanGioc Waterfall right on the Chinese border, take a longboat on the fjord-like Ba Be Lake in the heart of a national park, sail through spectacular limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay, laze the day away on gorgeous white sand surf beaches and dunes of unexplored Quan Lan island.

BaBe LakeDay 1: Ba Be lakes
Arguably Vietnam’s most beautiful lake, Ba Be is situated 240 kilometres north of Hanoi. Board a long boat for a fantastic cruise on the pristine mountain lake, surrounded by primary jungle and limestone cliffs, waterfall, caves and an abundance of wildlife.

Days 2-3: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfalls
Explore into the magical region of the far north-east with its impressive limestone karst scenery, meander around and through the countless rock monoliths all the way to the huge Ban Gioc Waterfall which sits on the Cao BangChinese border. Take a swim under the falls and picnic on bamboo rafts.

Day 4: Cai Rong
Located on the edge of Bai Tu Long Bay, Cai Rong has become the main port on the route to offshore islands. In recent years, the town has seen great changes in its economy. The wharf is lively crowded with ships and fishing boats. From your hotel you’ll have a splendid view over the harbour where fishermen bring in their catch.

Days 5-6: Quan Lan, return to Ha Noi
The only road on Quan Lan is of a surprisingly good quality and discovering the island by bicycle is a must. Enjoying nature, visiting fishing villages and taking a swim from desolate, white beaches will make a perfect day


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