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Explore Hue Countryside By Bicycle

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Escape the hustle of Hue for the surrounding countryside, and gain a unique insight into local life during this relaxed biking tour. Ride past rice paddies, villages, duck farms and fishing spots to get to Thanh Toan, a village famous for its market. Discover the friendly locals and the real face of Vietnam while cycling through some of the country’s prettiest landscapes.
hue1Climb aboard with a bicycle to discover the sights, sounds, and smells of the villages surrounding Hue. Set off early and escape the city for peaceful streams and verdant fields of the surrounding countryside. Ride past rice paddies and small villages towards Thanh Toan, a small village that is home of a legendary market. Climb off your bike to explore the market stalls, stop to chat with the locals, and learn more about life in this part of Vietnam.
Pay visit to the Thanh Toan Agricultural Museum to discover more about the role of agriculture in local society. Spend time soaking up the atmosphere in town by the beautiful Thanh Toan covered bridge or just take it all in while enjoying a coffee at the village café. Climb back with your bike to continue exploring the area, passing over small streams, riding through pretty villages, and stopping to chat with locals who are fishing, farming ducks, and going about everyday life. Pay visit also to a family to learn how they make rice wine and visit a local kindergarten to meet the local kids. This biking tour will give you unique insights about the life in Vietnamese countryside.
By the time you pull back into Hue, you’ll have worked up an appetite ready to feast on a delicious lunch.


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